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=>> My band The RooTsters' latest album is out on CD Baby! <<=

"The blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad."
                                                  - Willie Brown

Stan at Victory Music picnic, August 2005And all that man (or woman) needs to express a feeling is the human voice, an instrument and... well, nothing else really. Hear blues when it was young, the way it was meant to be shared among family, friends and neighbors, with only a guitar, mandolin, harmonica or fiddle between them and the listener. No electricity required!

I'm a singer and songwriter, a keen observer of life performing roots blues and original songs on acoustic guitar and bottleneck dobro, with friends occasionally joining in on a variety of acoustic instruments in the American tradition. We play Blues, Jazz, Rock and traditionals with heart, humor and passion!

Visit me on FaceBook for daily updates, personal chatter and such.

I founded the roots-pop duo The RooTsters in 2006 and the Emerald City Jug Band in 1998.

CDs and Demo: 

"Ten Left" (2006)
Our demo: "Land Of Promise" (2012)
Full-length CD "Merge" (2014)

Emerald City Jug Band - Music for the Uncommon Citizen

"The Best of the ECJB. Honest!" (2001)
"Live at WinterJug '05" (2005)


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